Discover High Paying Jobs In Canada Without A University Degree

High Paying Jobs In Canada

Many people mistakenly think that a university degree is necessary to land a high-paying job in today’s competitive labor market, but there are many High Paying Jobs In Canada that don’t require four years of college.

In case you have just graduated from high school or are seeking to broaden your career options without pursuing additional schooling, this article will provide you with an overview of the highest-paying jobs that don’t require a university degree.

Best High Paying Jobs In Canada Without A University Degree

Real Estate Agent

In real estate transactions, real estate agents operate as middlemen between buyers and sellers. People need to pass a licensing exam and finish pre-licensing courses in order to get a real estate agent license. Agents have enormous earning potential in real estate markets with thriving property markets.

Becoming a real estate agent does not require a degree, but you should ensure that you possess the necessary abilities and are knowledgeable about the local real estate market.
An agent in real estate may make between C$40,000 and C$75,000 annually.

Web Developer

There is a continuing need for web developers because of the growth of the digital ecosystem. These experts employ their technical expertise along with their creative thinking and problem-solving abilities to design and develop websites, online apps, user interfaces, and more, giving users unique digital experiences.

In addition to earning a competitive wage, web developers can launch their own web development company or take on freelancing work as their abilities grow.
A web developer may make, on average, between C$33,000 and C$75,000 annually. Depending on their skill level and the Canadian province they have decided to work in, this could be more.


Welders are crucial to the construction and industrial sectors because they join metals together. Their knowledge is sought after for a variety of undertakings, including the development of building infrastructure and automobile production. As they advance in their careers and enter new industries like aerospace or underwater welding, they could be able to earn better compensation.

In Canada, the average pay for a welder is $23.37 per hour or $45,564 per year. The starting salary for entry-level occupations is $39,000 annually, while the majority of experienced workers earn up to $58,500. To become qualified in this sector, of course, you would need to complete an apprenticeship program in welding.


Plumbers are essential experts who guarantee that buildings’ drainage and water supply systems operate at peak efficiency. They install and fix appliances, fixtures, and pipes that are involved in the delivery of water. Before being accredited as professionals, people frequently go through apprenticeship programs to become licensed plumbers…

With the construction business expected to grow, these individuals frequently have stable job opportunities with high-income potential.
A plumber can make anywhere from C$30,000 to C$85,000 or more annually on average.

Commercial Pilot

Becoming a commercial pilot can be an exciting and profitable career choice for passionate aviation enthusiasts. Even though the procedure requires obtaining a private pilot’s license and enrolling in commercial pilot training prior to accumulating enough flying hours, the benefits greatly outweigh the difficulties! Commercial pilots can lead to prospects for worldwide travel and job advancement as they work for airlines, cargo carriers, or private companies.

In Canada, the average pay for a commercial pilot is $83,579 annually or $42.86 per hour. Most experienced workers make up to $145,470 annually, while entry-level occupations start at $62,419 each year. However, obtaining a commercial pilot license is necessary and will cost money if you want to become a commercial pilot.

Insurance Broker

Insurance brokers help people and companies locate appropriate insurance coverage. Although degrees have their advantages, a lot of insurance companies place more value on practical experience and industry credentials. Because insurance is essential to managing risks for both individuals and businesses, competent insurance brokers can succeed in this field to a great extent.

In Canada, the average income for an insurance broker is $27.71 per hour or $55,147 per year. The starting salary for entry-level jobs is $44,850 annually, while the average salary for experienced workers is $88,591. It’s crucial to get a license from the Canadian Insurance Institute in order to work as an insurance broker in Canada.

Other High Paying Jobs in Canada without A University Degree

  1. Software Developer
  2. Court Reporter
  3. Paralegal / Legal Assistant
  4. Firefighter
  5. Spray Technician
  6. Technology Consultant/Systems Administrator
  7. Welder
  8. Electrician
  9. Air Traffic Controller
  10. Executive Chef
  11. Sales Associate
  12. Receptionist
  13. Flight Attendant

In conclusion, it is totally possible to have a high-paying job in Canada without a college degree. Gaining specialized knowledge, credentials, and work experience in a variety of sectors can lead to intriguing and rewarding employment opportunities.

Whether you choose to work in technology, skilled trades, aviation, or business, you must be highly talented and determined to succeed in any assignment that comes your way.

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