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Digital Millennium Copyright Act Policy (DMCA)

All portions of the travelworkstudy .com website are solely for personal use.
The ISP and/or Administrator are not responsible for the contents of any linked sites or any link contained in a Linked Site or for any changes/updates to such sites.
The travelworkstudy team is not responsible for the contents of sites that are linked or or links that are found on the sites that are linked to or any form of update/change made on such sites.

However, it is our policy to respond to VALID infringement notices and take appropriate action under the copyright laws with which do our best to comply.
However, we at Travelworkstudy take VALID infringement notices very seriously, as it is our responsibility to comply with DMCA and other international copyright laws.

It is our responsibility policy to respond to clear notices of alleged copyright infringement. If you discover that one of our users has infringed upon your intellectual property rights, all you need to do is send us a well-detailed notification that will include important information about the issue at hand that will do the needful.
It is important that you know that all the notices sent should follow and comply with the DMCA notification information requirements.
Your Notice Should Follow the Follow guidelines below and we will remove the material immediately.

We encourage all Copyright Owners to not waste time contacting us if they find any content on this site over which they have copyright and it will be taken down.

DMCA Takedown Request Guidelines:

  1. Identify yourself as:
    The person who owns the work(s) which was copyrighted, or
    “An individual that has been authorized to act on behalf of the person who owns the exclusive right that is allegedly infringed”.
  2. Identify the allegedly infringed copyrighted work(s).
  3. Identify the material claimed to be infringing or the subject of infringing activity by providing us with the exact location of the infringing file and the exact location of and the association of the material to be removed or access disabled
  4. Provide the URL where we posted the link.
  5. Provide us with your contact information, including your full name, address and phone number.
    (See 17 U.S.C. 512(c)(3) for more details on the type of information that is required for notification is will be considered to be valid)
    It is important that you are aware that under the DMCA, claimants who misrepresent copyright infringement may be liable for damages resulting from the removal or blocking of the material, court costs, and attorneys’ fees.

The correct notification must contain the above information or it may not be considered valid!
Send your notification to

Please allow up to 2 business days for email responses… Thanks for your understanding.

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