International Relations Graduate Programs in USA

International Relations Graduate Programs in USA

Consider enrolling in a graduate school if you wish to study international relations graduate programs in USA. Graduate school is a great way to expand your knowledge in the broad field of international relations.

A master’s degree in international relations is well worth the effort if you choose the right university to support you in developing and utilizing your skills to the utmost.

You can use the material on this page to get advice about what kind of program would be best for you, as well as about the needs for scheduling and preparation. Below is a detailed list of the best PhD and Master’s programs available in the United States.

International Relations Graduate Programs in USA

You don’t need to search much more for a Masters or PhD program in international relations in the United States. The following is a list of the nation’s best graduate programs in international relations.

International Studies (Florida International University)


The MA program’s graduate program allows its students to work toward regional certification in addition to their coursework there. Candidates for the MA program would have to have a 3.0 GPA in upper-level coursework from an accredited institution of higher learning in order to be accepted for admission.

The MA program is intended to prepare students for doctorate studies as well as positions in the public sector, the corporate sector, or with international organizations.


The Ph.D. program’s goals are to prepare students for careers as professors and in academia. Students are given the freedom to do in-depth study on a wide range of topics while still receiving a solid theoretical foundation.

Students work closely with dedicated international scholars who are well-known. To be considered for admission to the Ph.D. program, candidates must have earned a bachelor’s degree, or a degree equivalent, from a recognized university.

Interdisciplinary Studies (University of South Dakota)

The University of South Dakota’s Master of Arts program is designed to provide flexibility in terms of course choices and program design. You and your adviser work together to develop this advanced degree, which you can receive online or on campus. By choosing courses from a variety of academic areas, you can create a cohesive theme that will help you reach your specific educational and professional objectives.

Applicants to the program must explain in a statement of purpose how their selected course of study will specifically assist them in achieving their goals, both personal and professional.
A master’s degree in interdisciplinary studies requires the completion of at least 32 credits from at least two academic fields. In addition, an advisor’s approval and guidance are sought when choosing the course.

International Commerce and Policy (George Mason University)

“International Commerce and Policy” is an interdisciplinary course offered by George Mason University that helps students prepare for careers in the modern economy, regardless of where they are from.

This innovative master’s degree program is designed for individuals who want to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in an increasingly complex global marketplace. It is designed to provide the practical resources needed to take part in global trade.

This multidisciplinary curriculum explores the ways in which business, technology, law, economics, and public policy influence intricate cross-border operations. The Master of Global Commerce and Policy program’s primary subjects are international economic issues such as banking, investment, and global commerce.

International Affairs (The New School)

The Master of Science (MS) in International Affairs program at The New School incorporates courses from a range of academic fields, such as media, design, and social research. The self-designed modular Master of Science (MS) in International Affairs program is open to students with at least three to five years of professional experience in the field.

The flexible MS structure provides multidisciplinary approach expertise in a specific field in addition to additional conceptual background in the discipline.
You can enroll in the MS in International Affairs program full- or part-time on campus. The duration of this curriculum is 14–18 months (full-time). The start term for this program could be fall, spring, or summer.

History and Political Thought (Texas A&M International University)

A master’s degree program in political theory and history is available at Texas A&M International University which offers an interdisciplinary curriculum. The curriculum promotes the critical examination and study of a wide range of historical and political trends, events, and occurrences.

The History and Political Thought program offers top-notch courses with three unique focus options: political science, history, or history and political thought. The master’s program also offers a Teaching History Certificate.
Is a Master of Arts in Political Thought and History required? What is the methodology of the program?

Complete and send in your application for graduate admission. Transcripts have to be submitted. Release a statement about yourself: a typewritten personal statement of no less than 300 words that outlines your career goals.

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